A satisfied sub describes her experiences in bondage

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The Position

I know I said I’d talk about that self-bondage session next time, but I thought I’d split the self-bondage posts up a little so as not to wear it out🙂 So this time I decided I’d like to talk about bondage positions😉

So I realize it might sound uncreative or boring, but I’ve always preferred more traditional positions: (in no particular order) chair-tied, both with legs together and apart; hogtied; frogtied; spread-eagled (as well as its close cousin, “the Eiffel Tower”😉 ); just good-ol’-fashioned wrists and legs together; and pretty much all standing or kneeling variations of these where applicable🙂

I guess it goes without saying each has its own pros and cons for different things: some are good for just straight-up bondage play but not so convenient for sex, and others are just totally meant for sex. Take hogties, for example. They’re an awesome position for play (probably my overall favorite!😉 ), but they’re kinda hard for sex. But I know this also varies from sub to sub; while I’m obviously biased cuz I love them to begin with (😀 ), I *LOVE* having sex while tightly hogtied. They make it a little tricky, sure, but also oh-so-satisfying😉 Once we get past the logistical difficulties, just the sensation of being bound like that alone is enough to get me to come within a few minutes almost every time😉 Spread-eagles and the “Eiffel Tower” (the same thing, except with wrists bound together) on beds, on the other hand, are so inviting for sex, it’s sometimes tough to get much beyond them😉 I find I often have to make a conscious effort to suggest other positions just to keep from being bound and done the same way all  the time😀 Most of the positions that ordinarily work really well for sex unfortunately don’t work all that great when standing, but to be honest, standing is never all that great for sex anyway.

But lately I’ve really started to love positions that are great for both play and sex, if only just because, that way, you can go back and forth between them really easily🙂 Frogties are one of my new favorites for this: I love being roped into a frogtie while lying on my back with my wrists tied over my head, cuz it makes me feel soooo helpless and “available” (having your vagina bared and open that way does that to a girl😉 ), and makes it really easy to mount me🙂 Chair-ties are great for this too (especially if you tie my legs apart😉 ), but you have to be careful not to tip over the chair!😀 Yeah, I’m a spirited little sub😉

But you can never go wrong with the classics😀 I still love just being conventionally bound, wrists, ankles, chest harness, and knees🙂 And actually, this one *can* work for sex standing up, provided the knees aren’t tied super-tightly: just bend me over, and take me from behind😉 I’m a little embarrassed to admit this gets me really hot *blushes* I love imagining myself as a sexy submissive secretary – stripped down to just her stockings, garter belt, and heels – bound, bent over her desk, and taken😉

But that just about covers it, LOL! I’ll get back to the self-bondage next time, but right now it looks like I’m about to spend some “quality time” roped and gagged😉 Talk to you later (whenever the gag comes out!)

*gag kisses*